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Hack Attacks

Some wonder why, would I EVER need to invest into security. Whether it be  financial security,  or personal. The answer is yes,  as well with qualifier questions to determine the rational for  your Internet presence whether it’s a website, or your accounts whether it be online or real world.

On the explanation of  why with dependent questions.  Is the fact, the quantity of things that must be secured.

Keep in mind, there are hack attacks, website defacements daily by unknown individuals (anonymous or a person(s) with a grudge)

CainTech Services  clientele  has incurred roughly 100 domains, with  half  that amount being websites with hosting accounts. In the month of August 2014 there has been roughly 600 attacks from  August 1st- August 21 2014, of these 600 attacks. the originating attackers  came from 120-130 locations.  To be transparent these attacks  by locations could be less then actually reported.  The cause of why it could be less then  the official paper result is there are ways to fake your location online. This is called spoofing. Site Lockouts 1 of 2

Site Lockout 2 of 2


The above screenshots are of email notifications of website lockout attempts. The Attempts are locked out when they meet  the listed criteria

The criteria being:

Site Lockouts (incorrect password, username, email, account information) above 3 previously recorded lockouts results in a permanent ban by  originating IP address.  Permanent Bans last for 1 week.

What constitutes a Lockout is shown in the screenshot.


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.08.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.07.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.06.25 PM


With this in mind, over the past year CainTech Services  accumulated  1 year’s worth of site lockouts (600 lockouts x 12 months = 7200 estimated lockouts) There is 5,020  Site Lockout Notification emails  since  August 2012, in short this describes the gravity of how often hack attacks occur.

A typical email appears like this:

MCR Lockout

The reasoning behind a hack attack can be multitude of things, presently, it is created by a bot scanning for vulnerabilities across  a wide spectrum of hosting servers.  (Servers are where websites live on the Internet) When a  website  says hello in response. The bot, will then attempt to muscle the website by subtly repeating commonly known phrases or words, (passwords, usernames etc) when  the bot finds a way in. The same way, an ant would into a house. It explores, then reports back to home. With this occurring, the real attack can begin  by discovering  the now defenseless/exploited website for what it holds.

CainTech Services prevents  these occurrences by  creating lockouts for extended periods, as well an additional blacklist shared between all  clientele websites.   With the addition of a human curated, blacklist the security comes full circle.


The question becomes, do you need  a  secured online presence? If you were hacked would it damage your reputation, or that of your business? Are you just precautions in life? Is there monetary  losses if you were to be hacked? These questions should matter the most to you.


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