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Privacy, Does it exist?

One can state that privacy, is dead. Or  alternatively  a form of  art that many  don’t see the need for much anymore.  In society’s world transparency,  persona(s), public openness among other things can have beneficial effects, or extensively negative connotations. These connotations can apply to client records,  internal communications, and industrial research and development.

Within the  media, messages are that government(s) with agencies like the NSA are consistently either breaking encryption, or en mass collecting public data that is available for  signals intelligence.  To keep in mind,  for any culture/civilization  there has always been a surveillance system  imposed by the state even without the use of what is considered modern technology. Within  autocracies/dictatorships the use of  dissident reports is essential akin to confessions to  the local priest. This results in a compliant relationship between the populous and state.


Ideally  within the USA technology companies operates on  two levels. One as SaaS (Software as a Service)  consumed by the public en masse to which it has no or little privacy guards. (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, etc.) Within, the industry there are privacy tools such as PGP,  encrypted servers, VPN connections among a myriad of other  tools that  are employed  to defend against corporate espionage and eavesdroppers. These tools  have been around for 30 years, algorithms are consecutively updated and monitored for penetration testing, when these  events occur security keys are changed, as well algorithms are hardened by increasing the bit strength.


CainTech Services LLC operates an encrypted email server point to point. Either via logon to check, and compose emails, additionally while being stored  on the server itself.  Encryption updates are applied  monthly to keep  data confidential and secure.  The use of PGP, RSA, and Diffie-Hellman key  exchange  along with forward secrecy.  In terms of forward secrecy  new encrypted keys are randomly generated for each session.
What makes CainTech Services  different is a layer of transparency to our  users.  An example being  our disclosure  to our clientele


The accountability of this disclosure is paramount as well should be seen as a Public Service Announcement.  If   CainTech Services, as a service provider can impersonate   said user via a master password.  It creates a system that is inherently insecure.

For the record, this feature will NEVER be in-use on our servers.

Remember this, if  CainTech Services is capable of  impersonating our clientele. What is Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and other services capable of.

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