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SEO Done Right!

Sometimes I  (Caintechservices LLC) just do SEO (search Engine Optimization) Just right. Keep in mind, I rely more so on the relevancy of Google Search Since everyone follows after Google There will be a Google listing of Paula’s House coming very soon. The point of SEO now a days is to word things exactly as they are. Give as much info as possible. Be as public as possible. WHICH includes not being Facebook exclusive. (Or ANY network EXCLUSIVITY) For those that live their entire lives in Facebook only. Thinking it makes them findable on the Internet. To Fellow Facebook users yes, to the world no. In short if you like living in the walled garden. Be that way, however it offers a limited amount of success in being found on the internet. As for my posts? They are cross posted automatically to @Google+ FacebookTwitter Vkontakte Plurk & to my personal Website. In short, I own my content & reign as the real controller of content made & published by me. In short live in public on the internet. As well as control what is on the internet about you. Then you shall be found easily.

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