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When it’s necessary to change Furniture. (Registrars)

There comes a time,  in an IT company’s life cycle  to change  things.   If it’s not going from shared hosting to  server hosting, then onwards to your own data center. The other end  of the stick is Registrar’s. Our Requirements for 2015-2016 are these.


  • Secure Communications: Protect Clients against Website/Email Spoofing
  • Privacy for All Client(s) Contact information  is redacted
  • Eliminate requirement for CainTech Services to store financial data. So CainTech Services  is not breached like Target Store’s were.

To understand our history, CainTech Services LLC  started  with Godaddy for registering  domains, which this has always been great service. After five years of growth, complications grow with differing clientele along, with standard security practicalities.  Godaddy has always met  our needs,  until the present dead end for security implementations for our clientele.

To explain Godaddy offers  great service for their offerings.  For what isn’t covered your left in the dark,  if  they ever implement said service.  The service in question  is DANE/TLSA, (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities) what is this acronym you may ask?

DANE for short means emails and  communications are secured against someone intercepting emails, for someone other than the intended party. Other benefits include  websites and email communication go through  legitimacy checks. This is provided by DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) The main result is no one can pretend to be you, and your company (spoofing).

This security policy, along with default  WHOIS privacy for owners of website(s) to have personally identifiable information redacted from public record. Is now default policy at CainTechServices,  however to implement  DANE we must  switch  to to facilitate our requirement(s).

Please see  chart for prices

Registrar Price for .com(s) Without Privacy Owner(s) Registration(s): Public With WHOIS Privacy

(Current Registrar)

$13.49 $25.60 (WHOIS Privacy Defualt) Default WHOIS Privacy. 19.50

With the chart above some client(s) will save $6.10 and others will see an increase of  $5 dollars. We hope our client(s) see the  cost increase if applicable as beneficial for maintaining  your privacy and security. Additionally Gandi doesn’t store financial  information. Whether, it’s credit cards, PayPal, or ACH Bank Transfers. This additionally keeps CainTech Services out of the loop for theft of  your financial transactions, and gives you additionally one less company that stores your credit card.  This is better for our clientele in the long term. After this transition  occurs our client(s) will receive one  invoice  instead of two separate invoices..

For more information please watch  an interview with the  VP of Gandi

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